Wednesday, 19 January 2011

EMA cuts

When I first heard that EMA was going to be cut I must say I was rather impulsively pleased, if you want to know why my I have changed my mind then read on otherwise go and watch Eastenders or some other media tripe.

When I went to college from 2000-2002 I had to have a job to support my education. I would have 20 hours of lectures, then I was expected allocate 20 hours respectively to complete my assignments. On top that in 2000 I worked 20 hours a week in the evenings and Saturdays at Tescos. In my my second year I worked Mon-Thurs 5-9pm totalling 20 hours at a company called Broad Oak Toiletries (now employ mostly polish). All at minimum wage so I earned just under £100 a week.

Then in the late hours of the night I would have to complete my assignments, often listening to the late RIP John Peel. Any other spare time was spent socialising when my other college friends were not working either.

I really think this intense regime of work/study is hard, but I obtained good college grades by the believe that I was working towards a greater wage in the future (In hindsight I was disillusioned).

The 2011 U-turn

Since when I was in college the economic climate has changed. Since then a number of countries have joined the European Union, and have claimed the manual work. The jobs are still there! (but more than likely the person doing it speaks pigeon English).

Today Neil Parish- Conservative MP for Tiverton said that [He was concerned that the EMA cut would effect whether the poorer students would pursue education] on Radio 4. I would put it as a quote but it was from memory.

Mr Parish is absolutely correct in this economic climate, where there are few part-time jobs suitable for students.

In light of this EMA should be continued until cutting it is quantified and practical. Don't make the class division greater. However under David Camerons awful leadership they always have plan A, but they never have a plan B.

On Bong Takeaway Tiverton View online menu chinese food

I couldn't seem to find their details online anywhere so here they are:

Please mention Mid Devon Blog to them!
143a Chapel Street,
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Tel: (01884) 243935

Here is a link to a menu a I photographed on my Iphone but it is usable and current:

On Bong Tiverton Menu (pdf)