Wednesday, 19 January 2011

On Bong Takeaway Tiverton View online menu chinese food

I couldn't seem to find their details online anywhere so here they are:

Please mention Mid Devon Blog to them!
143a Chapel Street,
Siddals Garden,
EX16 6DQ

Tel: (01884) 243935

Here is a link to a menu a I photographed on my Iphone but it is usable and current:

On Bong Tiverton Menu (pdf)


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  3. I couldn't seem to find their details online anywhere so here they are: Takeaway Online

  4. Ordered food to collect from China China. We walk in to get our order and the woman SCREAMS at us "WE'RE CLOSED!" (The sign on the door says they are open). Her husband (I assume he is in the dog house about something) says they are open and tried to get us to stay and she screams at us again "WE ARE CLOSED" and points us towards the door.

    Needless to say AWFUL customer service and we definitely will not be going back there again!

  5. In regards to my last review. My partner and I rang On Bong a few days later to try and get an explanation as to why we were yelled at. The woman who yelled at us answered the phone and I said "We ordered food from you the other day, we came to collect it and you screamed at us to get out..." She said "Yes we were closed." I replied with "The sign on our door said you were open, and your husband said you were open, and YOU screamed at us that you were closed." Her response was "Yeah, what's wrong with that?!" And then she put the phone down on us! Seriously just stay away from this place they are aweful!